Dr. Bret Toftness, DC, TPI

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Dr. Toftness somewhat stumbled into the golf performance & rehab field after treating his former college golf teammate Troy Merritt for a reoccurring injury which would not resolve. A couple weeks later Troy won his first PGA Tour event and SwingHAB was born. Dr. Bret Toftness grew up in northern Wisconsin and played college golf where he won 8 events and became a 2 time All-American. After college he turned Pro and traveled around on various mini tours but ultimately did not make it as a professional. He then went to Chiropractic School. After graduating and having a successful treatment/rehab program with Troy Merritt he moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl (Home of the PGA Tour) to start treating golfers exclusively. After 7 years in Ponte Vedra Beach Dr. Toftness' players have won a total of 8 PGA Tour events, 65 college tournaments and over 200 high school tournaments. He has now returned to Madison, WI to continue to develop and rehab players looking to take their game to the next level.